About Me

Well Hello!

Before I get into why I started this blog, a brief bio:

  • Award-winning photographer specializing in audition, competition, and PR headshots for the modeling/talent industry
  • Co-author of Breaking Into Commercials: The Complete Guide to Marketing Yourself, Auditioning to Win, and Getting the Job!” (with LA/NY commercial casting director, Terry Berland; foreword by Seinfeld‘s Jason Alexander)
  • Author of the Enchanted Moments, Affirmations for Kids, and Oh no, Sophia! — Way to Go, Sophia! picture books and coloring collections
  • Producer of the Enchanted Moments annual calendar project
  • Former staff photographer for the Ann Arbor News
  • Served as staff writer for the LA View and Performer’s Edge magazine
  • Photos have won hundreds of awards for self and clients including cars, cash, and travel excursions to Can Cun, Cabo San Lucas, Athens (Greece), and Paris (France)
  • Masters in Social Science, Bachelors in Sociology/Anthropology/Criminology — minor in Psychology, Associates in Photographic Technology
  • Child/family worker for K.I.N.D. (Kids in New Directions) mentoring ‘at risk’ children in the public school system
  • In my spare time (lol!), I love to garden, travel, anything horse-related, and spending time with my husband (Steve) and pets: Taz (short for Tasmanian Devil) and Norman – (aka Norman Bates — yes, THAT Norman Bates…lol!)

Why I decided to start this blog: 

I’ve wanted to lean into teaching online for some time now. Being down now for over a year due to Covid provided a ‘no excuses’ block of time to upgrade my skill set to include creating digital products and building an online community. I am investing in the training and equipment needed to make the transition to online coaching and content creation. I am reworking the photography blog/site with an emphasis on providing resources and digital products to help newbie photographers and fledgling small business owners learn to shoot and market themselves like the pros without being overwhelmed with all that overly techy stuff. 

With the Covid-19 shutdowns, many photographers have expanded their careers to include teaching online while ramping up our writing/publishing schedules. I’d love to explore both options fully. I relish the idea of being primarily home-based and living a much more balanced life than in previous years when my career was in full workaholic mode.

So, writing more and shooting things that don’t talk. It’s challenging doing that ‘social distancing’ thing while wearing masks – especially when photographing people in a modest home studio. Then there’s the pre-existing condition thing. No cooties for me, please!

Not sure why I haven’t done this sooner. Coaching and creating helpful content for hobbyists and aspiring pro photographers seems a natural progression for a veteran photographer and writer looking for a way to make a living during a pandemic. Different skill sets. But perfect for someone like me who loves what they do for a living but wants to be sure that — should something Covid-like happen again — I am well-positioned to continue doing work I love without risking anyone’s health.

What to expect:

Those familiar with my work know that I am happiest when I can change things up a bit. I  lose interest quickly if I stay too long in one place, career-wise.  I chose writing and photography because both careers are engaging, fun, and it’s easy to make lateral moves if the industry changes (or a virus hits) or if you need a change, just cuz.

When it is safe to do so, I will continue shooting people stuff (I seriously miss producing the calendar project). I will begin auditioning models to help illustrate a photography book series as soon as it is safe to do so. Meanwhile, I am focused on creating content for the photography blog/site and plan to launch my first online course over the summer. I’ve added coaching to my service offerings and look forward to helping in any way I can to make your dreams as a photographer become a reality. 

I commit to posting new content twice a month. With three blogs, monthly newsletters, and several book projects in the works, twice-monthly posting seems a reasonable goal. Everything I know about the practice and business of photography and everything I learn along the way, I’ll share with you. I hope you find the blog helpful; that you’ll stick around for the ride – and share your adventures, challenges, and victories as well.

  • Check out my journal (see ‘categories’ on the right-hand side of the blog) for a brief trajectory of my career path so far. To learn more about the craft and business of photography, check out the resources page. Zap off an email with questions, comments, or to book a shoot or coaching session.

Note: Although I run a quick spell-check and proofread personal musings, I trust you’ll realize that I am in comfy/casual mode and not fussing over things as I would with professional writings. I also struggle with wordiness when I’m doing the ‘stream of consciousness thing’ — okay, it’s a pet peeve with editors at the traditional publishing houses I’ve worked with as well. Brevity and I always struggle to reconnect if I let too much time lapse between publishing ventures (LOL!).

This blog is my happy space, so indulge me, okay?

Off to the next thing…

May you find joy and wisdom as you make your way from where you are now to where you want to be.