GENERAL NOTES: Keep clothing and accessories simple. You want the focus of the images to be on you and your ‘baby bump’. Avoid busy patterns, logos, and other distracting elements. For bl/wh portraits, consider white, black, and mid-toned fabrics. Avoid clothing that leaves marks on the skin like elastic sleeves, tight bras, socks, tight waistbands, etc.

ROBE/SLIPPERS – To keep you warm and comfy while having your hair and make-up done or while we are changing out drops/props, etc.

UNDERGARMENTS – Consider strapless bras (and/or tube tops) to go with your primary wardrobe/image concept choices. I love it when clients bring several sets of their favorite undies in basic colors (black/white/nude) — so that we have the proper foundation garments for each image concept. Lacey, sporty, soft and feminine or playful and sexy. Bring ’em and we’ll choose the best pieces for each series of images.

PANTS/SKIRTS – Consider button-fly jeans (avoid elastic or maternity-panels). Or, jeans that can be zipped down, then shaped around the belly. Drawstring pants, soft skirts, and slacks can work well too.

BLOUSES/SHIRTS – An oversized man’s white shirt — with or without a tie — is a great choice. Fitted and cropped blouses are wonderful for showing off your belly as well. A tight-fitting T-shirt, tank top, and other fitted or cropped tops can work well too. Anything that accents your ‘baby bump’ and makes you feel amazing when you wear it – bring it!

WRAPS/FABRICS – My favorite images of women are often created with long, flowing pieces of soft, drapey material. Also wedding ‘tool’ to wrap and accent with a lovely flower or other accent piece. I will have a few things on hand, of course, but to truly personalize your session, consider bringing in several yards of lovely material(s) to wrap and drape around your body/belly to create something truly memorable and lovely. Avoid busy patterns or materials that wrinkle easily. Play with color, texture, etc. Have fun putting together wardrobe, props, accessories, and ideas for the images you want to create.

PROPS/ACCESSORIES – Consider small props to compliment each outfit or image concept. Things like flowers (Gerber daisies, roses, lilies, etc.) and baby blocks — spelling out the baby’s name or that just spell out ‘baby’. A favorite chair to snuggle up in. Or maybe a lovely set of coordinated sheets, pillows, and a quilt or coverlet. Simple, classic jewelry (like pearls) might work as long as it doesn’t distract from you or your belly. If bringing an ultrasound photo, consider making a little scrap-book type frame to personalize the image a bit. Scarves, shawls, and veils? Bring ’em!

*** When it comes to packing/prepping for your session, better to bring it and not use it than to not bring it and wish you had. If you’re willing to haul it in, I’m willing to consider it. Together we’ll choose the best pieces to use during the session.

CHILDREN/BABIES – Let me know ahead of time if you would like to include a child (or children) in some of your images. Depending on age of the children being photographed, you may want to book your session around their peak/best time (avoid nap or meal times). Children should be dressed to coordinate with mom. Simple clothing choices are best. Make sure to bring clean, simple snacks and activities for little ones. Check nails, teeth, noses, etc. — to be sure little ones are clean and well-groomed (no finger/toe nail polish on little ones, please).

TIPS FOR HIM – Try to coordinate wardrobe pieces so you look lovely together as a couple. Drawstring pants, linen, and soft fabrics work for guys too.

HAIR, SKIN, & MAKE-UP – Go for clean, classic make-up. Avoid glittery make-up. Moisturize face/skin/mouth regularly. Avoid oily lotions. Avoid getting a facial or plucking brows just before the shoot. Don’t forget to groom nails (toes & fingers) — best choice is clear polish or a neutral tone that goes with anything. Hair should be styled to look lovely but natural and loose. Feel free to bring things like pins/clips, etc. if you want to try a soft up-do later in the shoot.

NOTE: You can have your hair/make-up done before you come in or — when possible — hire a stylist to come to the shoot with you. Some moms-to-be prefer to do their own hair/make-up or have a friend who is wonderful with hair/make-up. Depending on the shoot location, I may be able to refer you to local hair/make-up people. If you are doing your own hair and make-up — or having someone do it for you before the session — be sure to bring: brush, hair spray (light hold is best – avoid heavy sprays), powder to tone down shiny skin, moist (non-glossy) lipstick, bobby pins, clips, etc. — anything you think you may need to get the most from your session.

Come well-rested and ready to have a wonderful photographic experience.

Looking forward to helping create lovely images you and yours will cherish for years to come…