Check back often to see what I’ve been up to regarding creating free and paid content to help photographers improve their craft and/or launch or expand a photography business.


Coming soon:
  • A freebie ebook series of some of my favorite modeling/talent industry photographs categorized by subject (women, men, kids, dancers, etc.) I will also produce a series of inspiration ebooks for senior portraits, theme portraits, etc.) With minimal text, these ebooks are designed to be a quick reference when you need some inspiration during a people session.
  • As soon as I load those first freebies onto the blog and get through my crazy fall schedule, I will begin shooting illustrations for a series of text-based how-to books to help you set your subject at ease, showcasing their personality so that they shine in front of the camera. The texts will be Illustrated with images and drawings that take you step-by-step into how I quickly help even the most inexperienced subject pose like a pro!
  • I’ll also be launching a YouTube channel over the winter hiatus (when I do most of my writing), where you will watch my crew and me as we go through wardrobe selection, lighting, creating images, and post-production work.
  • This leads to launching a teaching/coaching website for photographers who want to improve their craft to those who want to launch or expand a photography business.

Throughout the process, your questions and suggestions are welcome. Through your input and feedback, I will learn how to be helpful to those who want to take their creativity and skill set to the next level.

Check out the “Work with Deb” page and contact me if you want to get on the list for the special 3-month coaching program (no charge for anyone who agrees to be test subjects; right up to the day I announce the official launch of the teaching/coaching site in the fall of 2023).

Be sure to fill out the survey (same page) and contact me anytime for comments, questions, or suggestions for content you’d love to have me create for you.

Looking forward to all…


(off to the next thing)