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Photography Services

Check back often as the projects I focus on will change at least quarterly (more often, depending on whether I’m shooting client work, traveling to shoot stock, illustrating a book project, etc.).

To book a photo session for the modeling/talent industry:

BE SURE to add a subject line in the email (I do not open emails from people I don’t recognize or those with empty subject lines — too much scammy, virus stuff out there, so humor me and be specific about what you want. I will add you to my contact list after the first text or email so your name comes up when you send a future message.)

To get on the model list for trade-of-service sessions to help create illustrations, videos, etc. for my books and teaching materials:
  • Same thing: Email or text for initial contact and be specific about who you are and why you are contacting me.
  • I will then zap over a list of options and offers for you to consider based on whether you need images for your own portfolio, competition, DMA PR shots, etc.
  • This could be a nice opportunity for us to help each other out and save expenses over what it would cost if I had to hire professional models and you had to pay for the sessions and images you need.


What would you like to learn?

For questions, comments, and suggestions for content creation that inspires and motivates you to develop the habits and a mindset that supports achieving your photography goals:
  • Zap off a quick email or text.  I’d love to hear from you!

Whether you need to learn the basics or your goal is to launch or expand a career in photography, I’ll cheer you on as you progress from where you are to where you want to be. I’d love to fuss over you when you have good news to share. And I’ll be there for you when the inevitable challenges every photographer faces test you to your core. Zap off a quick email below. I answer all texts and emails personally within 24-48 hours.

Looking forward to working with you.
Have a wonderful, happy day!
Deb Ouellette

Coaching Services

While I create the content for my teaching site,* I’d love to offer:
  • A FREE 3-month coaching experience for up to 3 photographers who are either
    • Newbies or hobbyists who would like a fast, step-by-step approach to getting up to speed on the basics, improving their craft, and getting feedback on their images or,
    • Photographers who want to launch or expand their small businesses and take them to the next level. They are at a place where they think they would benefit from a good mentor and coach.
      • All I ask in return is that — assuming you feel I was helpful to you as a photography/business coach — you give me a testimonial to showcase on the teaching site, social media, etc.
      • Note: Anyone who participates while I am learning and expanding my coaching skills will receive FREE ACCESS to the teaching site when it launches (lots of other FREE goodies, too, along the way).
        • I will begin with those first three photographers and — once the 3-month coaching experience ends with that first test group — I will offer another three spots in the program and go on with those offers right up til I announce the official launch of the teaching site (tentative launch: September 1, 2023.
  • I welcome questions and suggestions for tutorials based on techniques you’d like to learn or your challenges as a photographer. To find out if I might be a good fit for your coaching needs:
    • Contact me at
      • Be sure to fill out the subject line (so I don’t think it’s spam or worse) — a simple, “Yes! I’d love to try your coaching experience!” will do.
  • What qualifies me to coach and teach photography?
    • See my bio on the “About Me” page.
    • Everything I do between now and the official launch of my teaching/coaching site (September 2023) is FREE, so if you’ve ever wanted to try working with a coach and budget was the primary reason  you hesitated to take the next step, know this:

My career expanded exponentially due to having a mentor and coach come into my life just when I was ready to take my skill set (and my business) to the next level.

I want to be that person for others in the way that some amazing photographers were there to help me. And for a limited time — while I’m getting my coaching/teaching ducks in a row — we get to work together without worrying about money. How cool is that? Just my way of showing my appreciation for helping me learn how best to help other photographers with their daily goals, skill set, and challenges.

Looking forward to working with you.
Have a wonderful, happy day!
Deb Ouellette

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For Media & Press Inquiries

(810) 793-8919

  • I am a night owl. I do most post-production work weekdays between 10 p.m. and 4-5 a.m.
  • The best way to make initial contact is via this form, by e-mail (, or by text at (810) 793-8919. I prefer email and texts to calls — especially with the hours I keep — as I can send things without worrying about disrupting other people’s sleep schedules.
  • If you prefer to call and I am not available to pick up, leave a voice message with the best time to reach you by phone, as well as your email addy. I generally return all correspondence within 24 hrs., Monday through Friday.