Modeling/Talent Headshots


Hair/Make-up: Unless the stylist/assistant asks otherwise, come to the shoot with clean hair and a clean face. See the hair/make-up prep sheet for more info on hiring someone to work with (if not doing own hair/make-up for the shoot). Other Tips:

If anything needs doing, do it well before the session. Take a critical look and make any adjustments necessary to get the best results from your session.

Groom eyebrows and other excess facial/body hair (above lip, between brows, bikini lines, legs, knuckles, etc.). Pluck brows a day or two before the shoot so you’re not red around the area the day of.

Moisturize skin and mouth daily.

If you color your hair, be sure it is freshly done (no roots).

With few exceptions, it is best not to let bangs/hair hang down over the brows. Trim bangs/whispies and clean up split ends, etc. a day or two before the shoot so that the cut is fresh but not “same day” looking.

Guys should get their hair cut freshened up a few days to a week or so before the session (you don’t want that “fresh-cut, school-boy look).

TANS: If you are having modeling/talent shots taken – unless an agent has specifically told you otherwise — avoid spending hours in the tanning booth. It is best to come in looking to auditions and castings the way you really look.

Actors are expected to come to auditions looking like your pictures.

MAJOR TIP: Unless your agent tells you otherwise, don’t make major changes (hair color/style especially) once you have your talent headshots taken– if you do — you will no longer look like your pictures and will need new ones!

Don’t forget to groom your hands/fingers/feet/toes in case they are going to be part of the image. Nail polish should be clear or neutral so your nails go well with everything. Consider getting a manicure before the shoot (guys/gals). There is a $20 minimum fee to fix chipped polish, match color of fingers/toes, etc.

Guys should be freshly shaved (if clean faced). An exception to this would be if you were shooting some shots with a bit of a growth for a more dramatic look before shaving (don’t forget to bring your shaving kit) to do more commercial looking shots. Another exception of course, would be if you wear a beard (in that case, be sure your beard is groomed nicely before the session).

Be sure to let the stylist/assistant know of any special considerations (allergies, in particular, but anything else we need to know that would help us to serve you better).

Wardrobe Suggestions:

Talent Headshots: Think in terms of medium tones, open necklines, and simple textures/styles. If you have an outfit that you think would work nicely that breaks the rules (like all black and/or all white), bring it and we’ll take a look at it. Also:

Avoid logos on clothing.

Avoid loud/busy patterns Avoid turtlenecks and distracting fashion accessories.

Textures generally photograph well. Choose colors that compliment your skin tones.

Be sure clothing is in good condition, fits well, neatly pressed, and that the colors/textures compliment your skin and eyes.

Don’t forget shoes and simple, non-distracting accessories for each outfit.

If in doubt, bring it. It is better to bring things and not use them than to not bring them and wish you had. If you are willing to haul it in, we are willing to consider it.

Models & Actors: Keep it simple. No jewelry on basic modeling photos (agency preference). Generally, actors are given the same advice. Call to discuss any exceptions about jewelry on industry related sessions. If you have an agent, be sure to check their preferences on wardrobe, accessories, image concepts, etc., if applicable.

If you wear glasses:

Consider wearing contacts if you have them (and/or wear the glasses as a “look” if you are going for a character shot).

PLEASE consider carrying a pair of frames WITHOUT THE GLASS in them if you are shooting with glasses. Although we can shoot if we must with the glass in, we will spend a great deal of time looking for a way to get the reflections out of the glasses instead of concentrating on getting the best angle/shot for you. Also, glass tends to soften the look of the eyes. For talent people in particular, that can put you at a bit of a disadvantage because the eyes are the most important part of the image in showing the layers of your personality. The eyes should be crisp and animated. So, if possible, ask your eye doctor for a pair of frames to keep just for photography and bring them the day of your shoot.

Modeling headshots & portfolios:

Talk to me on a case-by-case basis. In general, much of what is included in the talent headshot section applies to you. However, you have a bit more latitude when it comes to developing your portfolio. A lot of what we do with you will depend on where you are in portfolio development, whether you have an agent (who will be giving her input on what types of shots you need), etc.

In general, especially if just starting out:

Keep clothing and accessories simple.

No jewelry for basic comp card pix (for a beauty head or ad style shot, we can discuss jewelry and accessories on a case-by-case basis).

Clothing should show fit well and be in good condition. Consider bringing some or all of the following:

Adults: A simple black dress (Kids: Sunday best) or (guys) suit.

A well-fitted pair of jeans (not the baggies the kids are wearing today; clothing must fit for portfolio shots so agents and clients can see what they are working with). Women: Bring ‘skinny’ jeans (where you have to struggle a bit to get ‘em zipped up.

A selection of well fitted, simple tops with various necklines.

Textured sweaters may work for some people as long as the outfit doesn’t overtake you or add weight. Texture photographs beautifully in most cases so do think flattering style, textures, and neutral colors when putting together pieces for your session.

In general, bring anything and everything you want us to look at and we will help you decide what is best to wear for the shoot.

IMPORTANT: To get the most from your session:

Put everything together you’ll need for the shoot the night before so you don’t forget anything and are not rushed the day of.

Avoid late night parties/sleep-overs the night before a shoot. It is important to come to the session well rested, in a wonderful frame of mind, and ready to give 100%.

Try to get to the studio (or location, if applicable) approximately 15-20 minutes before your scheduled session time so that you are organized and ready to go as soon as we are ready for you.

Try not to book anything important for right after the shoot in case we are running behind and/or for any other reason we want or need to keep you over. Also, it is hard to stay in the moment when you are worried about what comes after the shoot. These shots are very important (to us and to you). Do try to set yourself up to get the best possible results from your time with us.

Avoid bringing extra bodies to the shoot. Extra bodies are a distraction and can create a potentially dangerous working environment. There is a lot of expensive and potentially dangerous equipment used to create your images. It is important — to maintain a safe and efficient shooting environment — that the only people in the room while I am working is myself (the photographer), the stylist/assistant(s), and the person(s) being photographed. I reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy if I feel asking someone in will — in some way — facilitate a more positive, productive session.

Parents bringing children for a photo session: If you absolutely have no choice but to bring a non-shooting sibling to the shoot please do not bring excess bodies if you can help it, know that you are responsible for the care and well-being of your child/children and/or any extra bodies that come with you. You will be held responsible for any damage to the studio or equipment caused by yourself or anyone you brought to the session. Please avoid an uncomfortable and/or potentially dangerous situation by coming to the session only with the child or children being photographed – and by keeping close watch on your child/children while at the shoot.

Parents are not allowed in the shooting room once I begin photographing your child/children. Exceptions may be made — at my discretion but it is generally best to avoid the distraction of having extra bodies in the studio during the actual session.

Having said that, parents of young children should stay within earshot in case they are needed. Parents are welcome in the studio while we are doing hair/make-up and are expected to assist their children with wardrobe changes, personal grooming/necessities, and to make sure they are available for any other reason I or the child may need them.

Parents should consider bringing to the shoot:

Small, clean snacks in case the child gets hungry (be sure the child comes well-rested and fed before the session time and try not to let them sleep on the way over).

Water, juice, etc. to keep the child (and yourself) hydrated during the shoot.

Small toys or activities (especially when bringing more than one child to be photographed – it helps to keep little ones happily occupied so that they do not get bored while waiting for their turn to shoot).

Parents should consider bringing a book or small hobby to keep themselves occupied while the child is in the studio being photographed (parents are not allowed in the shooting room once I begin taking pictures).

Try not to book your child’s shoot around nap or feeding times. Try not to let your child fall asleep in the car on the way over to a shoot.

If your child is not well the day of the shoot, call ASAP to reschedule. I can work around small bumps and scratches in Photoshop but there is nothing I can do to make a child look like he/she feels well when she doesn’t. NOTE: See separate policy sheets on canceling and rescheduling sessions.

IMPORTANT POLICY about booking fees, down payments, etc.

The down payment towards your session time is not refundable. You are paying for my time and if I set my time aside for you, I expect to be compensated. So, when you book a session time, it is in your best interests to arrive well prepared, on time, and ready to give 100%.

If for any reason you are not able to make your session, call ASAP to reschedule. If I am able to re-book someone else into your time slot, I will apply the booking fee to a new session time. If however, I cannot re-book the time set aside for you, your down payment is forfeited.

NOTE: I may, at my discretion, apply the down payment to a new session time if it turns out the cancellation was due to illness, an audition or other industry opportunity comes along — of course — OR, some other reason that I feel is understandable and unavoidable means you are not able to make your appointment with me. Sometimes — despite our best efforts — things happen beyond our control. I will decide on a case by case basis if a down payment is transferable to a new session time.

Thank you for choosing DLO Productions, Inc. to create these important images for you. I look forward to working with you. Have a good one!