So excited! 

I just received the final (color) version of the new logo, “Pose Like a Pro!” (TM). I love it. I can’t wait to see the final suite, and — when I can budget it in — I’d love to hire an artist to create a piece of line art to compliment the text.

I just purchased the domain “” so that the name for the site is already reserved when I’m ready to launch a teaching website. The trademark app in in the works as well. I set a goal of having enough content to get the teaching site up and running over the summer of 2023. Meanwhile, I will create print and video content while building my online following via blogs and social media.

What’s coming next?

A series of freebie ebooks (pdf) with samples of some of my favorite images to serve as inspiration for posing specific types of people shots. Tips and resources will be provided as support for many of the illustrations provided.

I am also working on a new product line of how-to books for photographers, starting with the posing series. These books will be text-based with supporting images. The first book will cover posing women. The next will be photographing kids, men, dancers, and headshots.


To build a following large enough for Rocky Nook (Publishing House) to agree to publish a 2-book series on the Calendar Project. The first book in the series will be about creating a calendar project to give back to the community while promoting your business. The second book is a recipe-style book, illustrating exactly how we create the images for the calendar.

Rocky Nook prints beautiful photography books. It would be one of the highlights of my career if Rocky Nook agreed to publish the calendar project books.

I haven’t been this excited about my career prospects since the unexpected Covid-related shut-downs (the month before I was to announce the official grand opening of my new home studio). It’s good to feel like a real photographer again. So much to learn and do so that — when it’s time to launch the new book series and teaching site — I am GTG!

Wish me luck!