Ta Da!

I just finished creating a simple cover design in Canva for the first in the new (freebie) ebook series, ‘Pose Like a Pro!’ Each ebook in the series will be packed with inspirational images plus tips to help take your people shots to the next level…

Launch date: My b-day 2023 (April6)!

The first 100 people who sign up for my monthly newsletter will get a special gift in addition to your digital copy of Pose Like a Pro! (women). Click on the link above (in blue), then scroll to the bottom of the blog’s home page to sign up for the newsletter. Zap off a quick email to deborahouellettephotography@gmail.com to get on the list to be notified as soon as this first one goes live!

I promise not to spam (I generally send out newsletters once a month, post once or twice a week, and generally attach a link to those posts so that you can pick and choose which content you want to see more of).

Thanks for helping spread the word as I work towards a following of 5000 or more (newbies and aspiring/fledgling pros) whose goal is to support each other’s growth as creatives.

Have a good one!