Image Release


Modeling/talent division (audition/competition/PR heads and ports): I am exclusively digital now, meaning that I no longer offer paper prints.  I can, however, refer clients to a good lab, or you may go to the lab of your choice to get prints made.

You may purchase copies of the digitally retouched finals without a minimum order requirement.

There is a flat fee of $35 per image (plus retouch fees) to purchase digital copies of the final, retouched images from your order. Upon request, I will size the retouched finals at no extra charge  (9×12, 8×10, 5×7, & for FaceBook). There is an additional charge to upsize images to create things like wall portraits, stretched canvas, and other specialty applications.

Important: No ‘public-use images leave the office without at least ‘Bare Basics’ retouch. Because of the variety of clients I serve, retouching services are billed separately from the digital file. Refer to the retouching fees list for retouch levels offered and what each level covers.

Purchase includes a signed release permitting you to make unlimited copies for ‘public use’ (comp cards, agency use, and other marketing tools for modeling/talent people). The release also permits you to make unlimited ‘personal use’ copies for self, friends, and family.

Important: Please — whenever possible — make sure to include a photo credit when the image is printed or displayed on the Internet or otherwise made public. (copyright symbol +

There are two things you may not do:

1) You may not upsize the images (make them bigger than the size purchased). 

2) You may not sell the images to card/calendar companies or other commercial outlets.

I retain all commercial rights as well as all customary photographer/creation rights.

Questions or, to negotiate rights not included with the general release: Call or e-mail.