Modeling/Talent Comp Card/Portfolio Sessions


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A) Basic Studio Comp Card Shoot: $175 (plus stylist/assistant fees)*
NOTE: Book with a friend (‘Buddy Shoot’): $145 per person session fee (plus stylist/assistant fees).*

Session Fee Includes:

* Up to 3 outfit changes (add $50 per extra outfit/look)
* In studio or just outside studio, weather/light permitting.
* Watermarked proofs on CD. Retouching/enlargements not included.
* Special lab/artist discounts on first enlargement or digital order.
* One ‘ a la carte’ retouch/enhancement item included (no cash value). * Great choice for someone on a budget or just starting out.

B) Studio & One Location (within 30 miles of Otter Lake): $275 (plus stylist/assistant fees).*
NOTE: Book with a friend (‘Buddy Shoot’): $175 per person session fee (plus stylist/assistant fees).*

Session fee includes:

* Up to 4 outfit changes (add $50 per extra outfit).
* Sessions take place in studio (if desired) and/or at one location within 30 miles of Otter Lake. Add .50 (50 cents) per mile for locations more than 30 miles from either studio location.
* Watermarked proofs on CD. Enlargements/retouching not included.
* Up to 2 (two) a la carte retouch/enhancement items includes (no cash value).
* Our most common comp card session request (see sample at top of page).8321 1-2 tone FB

C) When You or Your Agent Just Wants a CD with the best images from your shoot burned to it: $475 (plus muah/assistant fees).*

Session fee includes:

* Up to 6 outfits ($50 per extra outfit). In studio and in natural light.
* Best 30-45 images burned to CD (unretouched).
* ‘Bare Basics’ retouch on up to 5 images (rest of images are not retouched). Price includes a full res final (digital) of those five, retouched images.
* Copies of your choice of up to 10 images from the session — burned to CD and given light ‘pretouch’ so you can show them off on FB.
* Those extra (up to) 10 images you receive as part of this package (pre-touched/not retouched) will also be put into a separate folder on the CD you receive ‘as shot’ so that you can send them out to a professional retouched later — or go through me, which I prefer but don’t require; I assume you would not put yourself or me in a bad light by showing images not properly prepared for ‘public use’.
* Signed release giving you permission to make unlimited professional/personal copies (I retain all normal photographer/creation rights and all commercial rights).
* One location within 30 miles of studio in Belleville or Otter Lake, MI.


1) CD with watermarked proofs ships to client within an average of 7-10 business days after the shoot. Once you select the 5 images you want given ‘bare basics’ retouch (generally those would be the images for your Comp card), and the (up to) 10 additional images you’d like ‘pre-touched’ for personal use (example: To post on Face book), I will send a final CD with those images (un-watermarked, of course) along with a signed release giving you permission to make unlimited copies for friends and family (and of course, to create your comp card).

2) When I refer to ‘pre-touched’ images, it means tweaking the images a bit for contrast/color/brightness, etc., cleaning up very minor distractions – like minor blemishes, under eye bags/circles, minor stray hairs, etc.). I also add a soft skin blend (portrait type) to help enhance those (10) extra image files a bit. They are not ‘retouched’; just cleaned up a bit so they look nice on FB/online, etc. For anything being used for the industry, I suggest investing in images that have been properly retouched (always put your best foot forward when pursuing work in the industry).

3) For more complex retouching, refer to current retouch fees.

 For All Sessions, client is expected to cover any additional costs for:

* Hair/Make-up person (if applicable)
* Photo Assistant (first two hours covered in session fee, no cash value if assistant not available or needed).
* Wardrobe Stylist (if applicable)
* Photo Stylist (if applicable)
* Park/Beach passes (if applicable)
* Location fees (if applicable)
* Mileage (@ 50 cents per) over 30 miles from Belleville or Otter Lake studio(s)
* Any other fees that are necessary in order to accommodate your specific requests/needs.

NOTE: You will receive a quote to approve before proceeding with the shoot so that there are no misunderstandings about what it will cost to produce the images you are booking me to create.

* Retouching, enlargements, matting/framing, photo products, etc. are not included in session fee (with specific exceptions outlined in Option ‘C’).

Call or e-mail with questions or to book your session.
Looking forward to working with you.