Well, HELLO!

It’s been a year since the initial shutdown due to Covid-19. It might take a while to get on the other side of this thing, with so many people not being willing to vaccinate or observe CDC guidelines to avoid catching or spreading the virus. I decided to make the most of the downtime by revamping the blog/site while working on a portfolio of solid images for sale as stock, fine-art pieces, and illustrations for an upcoming series of books and online classes.

I still have much to learn and do to build something helpful to the online community I hope to develop. Getting serious about maintaining a robust online presence by blogging and engaging on social media is an excellent start. I am focused on putting together the equipment and practices needed to begin teaching photography via a series of ebooks, videos, and other web content.

I’ve been wanting to lean into teaching online for some time now. After 30+ years in the business, there must be something I can share with hobbyists who wish to improve their craft and for those who want to launch or expand their photography careers.

Check the ‘About Me’ page for a brief bio and a bit more about my teaching/consulting goals. Please feel free to contact me with ideas for blog posts, classes, and any questions you may have.

Looking forward to chatting and working with you.

Have a good one!

Deb Ouellette

Note: If you happen upon this blog before April 30, 2021, know we are doing major tweaks and updates (and working on my first series of blog posts) before the official relaunch.
Do come back and see me after the 30th!