Theme Portrait

Because what you will need for your theme portrait session will depend on many factors — such as the actual image concept, studio or location session, simple or complex set, styling, costuming, how much of the image will be created in the real world and how much of it in post production (Photoshop), etc. — your theme portrait prep sheet will be created once we have discussed all aspects of the creation process for the image being created.

Some general tips to help us create something lovely for you:

* Consider bringing a selection of costumes (dance costumes, draped material, and greenery/

flowers can be a wonderful jumping off place for a fun, creative image. Clients are encouraged to bring headpieces, wings and other accessories they feel might help us create a beautiful, unique theme portrait.

* Unless you book your session when I am set up for a week or two with the big theme portrait setup (complete with mushrooms, trees, rocks, arbors, other big props, etc.), I tend to shoot on location or on simple white or vintage drop with smaller, simple props. In that case, I will bring a selection of wings, headpieces, and small props (flowers, greenery, column(s), etc.) but to avoid repetition, I do encourage clients to have fun with the process of putting together costume/

accessory pieces to help create something interesting and unique (even when working on the big sets, it’s not a bad idea to bring your own headpieces, costumes/material, and small props/accessories to create something that reflects your individual style and tastes).

* Feel free to e-mail (small) photos of costumes you are considering for your shoot. It can help me make choices of what to bring to help make your image truly lovely.

Looking forward to creating some lovely theme portraits that you and yours will cherish for years to come.