Modeling/Talent Comp Card/Portfolio Sessions


8127 FBChoose from:

A) Basic Studio Comp Card Shoot: $175 (plus stylist/assistant fees)*

Session Fee Includes:

* Up to 3 outfit changes (add $50 per extra outfit/look)
* In-studio or within 20 minutes of the studio — weather/light permitting.
* Watermarked proofs on CD. Retouching/enlargements not included.
* One ‘ a la carte’ retouch/enhancement item included (no cash value). * Great choice for someone on a budget or just starting out.

B) Studio & One Location (within 30 miles of Otter Lake): $275 (plus stylist/assistant fees).

Session fee includes:

* Up to 4 outfit changes (add $50 per extra outfit).
* Sessions take place in the studio (if desired) and/or at one location within 30 miles of Otter Lake.  — Add 50 cents per mile for locations more than 30 miles from the studio in Otter Lake.
* Watermarked proofs on CD. Enlargements/retouching not included.
* Up to 2 (two) a la carte retouch/enhancement items included (no cash value).
* Our most requested comp card session. 8321 1-2 tone FB

C) When You or Your Agent Want a CD with the best images from your shoot burned to it: $475 (plus muah/assistant fees).

Session fee includes:

* Up to 6 outfits ($50 per extra outfit). 

* In-studio and natural light (weather permitting), including 1 location within 30 miles of the studio in Otter Lake, MI.
* Best 30-45 images burned to CD (unretouched). If you cannot open a CD, I will send wallet-sized images (as ‘contact sheets’ of up to 9 per 8.5 x 11 page) by email for you to choose the images you want to order.
* ‘Bare Basics’ retouch on up to 5 images for your comp card (retouch fees apply to requests for retouching more than 5 images). Price includes a full-res final (digital) of those five retouched images.
* Copies of the ‘up to’ 5 images you selected for your comp card sized so you can show them off on social media.
* Signed release permitting you to make unlimited professional/personal copies (I retain all normal photographer/creation rights and all commercial rights).

Note: For more complex retouching, refer to current retouch fees.

 For all sessions, the client is expected to cover any additional costs for:

* Hair/Make-up person (if applicable)
* Photo Assistant (first two hours covered in the session fee, no cash value if assistant not available or needed)
* Wardrobe Stylist (if applicable)
* Photo Stylist (if applicable)
* Park/Beach passes (if applicable)
* Location fees (if applicable)
* Mileage (@ 50 cents per) to drive to/from locations more than 30 miles from the studio in Otter         Lake, MI
* Any other fees that are necessary to accommodate your specific requests/needs.

NOTE: Extras like stylists, location fees, etc., will require you to approve a quote request before proceeding with the shoot so that there are no misunderstandings about what it will cost to produce the images you are booking me to create.

* Retouching, digital copies of your order/finals, etc., are not included in the session fee.

Call or e-mail with questions or to book your session.
Looking forward to working with you.