Well, HELLO!

After roughly two years since the initial Covid-19-related shutdowns in the U.S., it’s become apparent that this thing may be with us for a while (now we’ve added Monkey Pox to the mix…good grief!).

So, instead of having an official launch of my new home studio (originally set for March 2020), I ended up shutting down — you guessed it — just before the grand opening of the new studio, March 2020!

I’ve been trying to make the most of the Covid-related downtime by revamping the blog/site while working on a portfolio of solid images for sale as stock, fine-art pieces, and illustrations for an upcoming series of books and online classes for photographers.

I still have much to learn and do to launch and build an online community dedicated to helping and supporting each other as photographers. Getting serious about maintaining a robust online presence by blogging and engaging on social media seems an excellent start.

I’ve wanted to do this for some time now. After 30+ years in the business, I love the idea of sharing a career’s worth of tips and resources with fledgling creatives who wish to improve their craft and those who want to launch or expand their photography careers.

Check the ‘About Me’ page for a brief bio and more about my teaching/consulting goals. Contact me with ideas for blog posts, video content, classes, and questions via:

  • Email: deborahouellettephotography@gmail.com
    • Be sure to say who you are and add a short topic in the subject line. I do not open emails from senders I don’t recognize (especially if there is nothing in the subject line).
  • My new FB Business Page:  https://www.facebook.com/deborahouelletteproductions/
  • Text: (810) 793-8919
    • Note: I do not pick up calls from folks I don’t recognize (safety and spam avoidance). Definitely text first (or email or PM on Facebook), so I can get your ID info into my systems. Then, when you contact me, I know who it is and will respond ASAP – generally within 24 hours. Thanks!

Looking forward to chatting and working with you.

Have a good one!

Deb Ouellette


*** Unless otherwise noted (via a photo credit) all images posted on this site are mine. When I write, I often feature the work of other creatives. When that happens, I will credit the photographer just beneath the image itself, at the bottom of the published piece, or in the acknowledgment section (books/articles).

Off to the next thing…

Have a wonderful, happy day!